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Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

Let our garage door experts help you with any torsion spring problem. We can repair, adjust, and replace any garage door torsion spring in Vaughan, Ontario. The response time of our technicians is fast since spring problems are urgent. Did your spring snap? Want to replace it before it comes to that? You can rely on our quick and expert service every time you are concerned about spring performance or safety. Our Vaughan Garage Door Repair team is at your disposal for same day spring services.Garage Door Torsion Spring Vaughan

There are some differences among torsion springs made by different brands, but they are all designed to do the same job. In order to elevate but also lower down the overhead door, springs must have sufficient power and equivalent with that of the door. As a matter of fact, each one of the two extension springs must have equal force as that of the door. But after every cycle, they get a little bit weaker. As a consequence, they tend to sag a bit after months of daily operation. And that’s why torsion spring adjustment is essential.

Same day torsion spring repair & replacement

Our techs usually need to add tension to make the springs strong and flexible again. But we can also release some of their force if they are over-tensed. In either case, you can rely on the expert torsion spring repair work of our pros in Vaughan. What we also do is lubricate the spring coils to eliminate noises and keep them running. Is the shaft or the bearings corroded? We can replace any supportive torsion spring part too.

When it comes to garage door torsion spring replacement, you can count on our techs showing up in a timely manner. Whether or not the spring is broken, our pros will replace it as soon as possible. But rest assured that our company offers same day broken torsion spring replacement. We are always well equipped to do any spring repair job effectively, fast, and properly. Count on our speed and call us to fix or replace your Vaughan garage door torsion spring.


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